I have been working on my Deathwing army for the past week and this is what I have to show for my efforts. The shoulder pads and the chest shields will be painted a bone color while the crux terminatis will be in white! Squad markings will be on the right shoulder pad in different colors to differentiate the squads. I cant take credit for the banner, as that belongs to either The Unnamed or Sgt Brisbane.

This army will be for sale so if anyone is interested, let me know. Gotta keep the paint brush moving.

I got about 45 Jawabases in the trade and something seems to be wrong with them. The paint wont dry on the beveled side of the base. Dan from www.teninchtemplate.com wrote an article about resin not curing correctly and I wonder if this is the case. Sorry Im to lazy for a direct link, your a big boy, go find it yourself.

I just realized I dont have Dan in my blogroll, gots ta fix that one!