So, I have a whole slew of ideas for posts, and a timeline in my head for "deadlines" and such for these posts.  Unfortunately, real life does happen, and posting has taken a definite slump as you all have witnessed. 

This could be contributed to many things, but there is only one thing in particular that has kept me from posting, and I do not wish to "air dirty laundry" as it were, so I will try to keep it brief.

My wife and I were expecting our 2nd child, and about three months ago, we lost it.  After a normal period of grieving, (this is the second one we have lost since we have been married.) we noticed her health was not improving.  Just recently she went to the doctor, and they gave a pre-diagnoses if you will of cancer.  We find out today after many, many blood tests, biopsies, and an ultra-sound wether it is cancer or not.  The doctor didn't just say cancer, but it could be cervical cancer, or uterine cancer, in some research, I found that it could also possibly be ovarian cancer, but it is not as likely.  The other hypothesis is that she could just have thybroids, in which case, we would have cause to be grateful. 

Whatever the outcome is, we are saddened by the fact that we wanted more children, and will only have one.  (Although, he is an awesome blessing, we would like for him to have siblings.) 

So there you have it, the reasoning behind my erratic posting as of late, and I will try to touch base here a bit more often with continued good content, just don't expect something everyday as it was in the past.