Hi every one its me james the guy youve never heard of before and starting my own blog because ........ erm.......... well just cos really, everyone else is doing it so why not little old me. But seriously though i was exchanging some emails with Brent over at strictly average ( http://strictlyaverage.blogspot.com/ )and he show cased mine and my buddies minis in an article on bell of lost souls( http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2011/05/showcasing-average-game-club.html ) and we got some good feedback and it made feel all warm and fuzzy inside and besides, who can truly say they dont like people saying that theyre models look cool eh?

Erm well thats the intro thingy done now what. Oh yeah what am i gonna be rambling about on the old blogosphere. Well good old Warhammer 40k thats what. Ive only really been into the hobby for roughly 3 years now and ive got a dark angels army which i call the "Archangels of Redemption" basically i put some skull white onto the Dark Angel livery and hey presto, i have my own 2nd founding chapter that i can use for codex: Dark Angels or codex: Space Marines.

Ill be putting pics on here of my models & painting (when it gets done that is) but dont get too exited as ive only ever painted 3 (yes 3) models. I mean theyre not bad but theyre not great either but hey, i like em so shut it you whore, er i mean please dont make fun.........please.

Also my buddies and i are currently building our buggies/trukks/half-tracks for a GORKA-MORKA campaign that were hopefully starting really soon so stay tuned for work in progress pics and finished results. Just so you can get excited (or not) im gonna be converting a VW split-screen camper into (hopefully) a half-trakk and my buddy carl is converting 2 rommel's rod kits into orky half trakks. see pics below.

So till next time.........OORAH.

My colour scheme

and below some of my models

my futurea splity half trakk

and carls future orky nazi wagon
 (and yes you ARE right in thinking im jealous)