so yeah, i promised i would get around to it, and heres where i am with the khorney ones

as you can see ive done 8 of the 10 so far! wewt, finish those last two an then ill start on the forgeworld ones
also a little free hand attempt at the world eater icons, its a bit naff but these guys are only tabletop standard (not that i can do any better with any consistency ='(    )
and heres one of the attempts at moulding, theyre meant to be a pair of lightning claws from the chaos lord set (finding them from bits stores is nigh impossible) but i cant seem to get the mould right, i have bubbles in the claws, and so it looks like theyve had their nails clipped. on top of that look at all that flash from the shitty moulds! gah!  one is even missing a shoulder!!!

need more silicone so i can re-do the moulds =(  so my lighning claw champion termies are gonna have to wait.