This past 3 weeks has been hell for me so apologies for my lack of updates. But I've hobbying and finally finished up my Night Lords project. Frankly its a relieve since I'm tired of painting blue and can't wait to move on to my pre-heresy Space Wolves. Anyways, now I have a fully painted 1750pts Night Lords 1oth Company and they're more than ready to cause mayhem on the battlefield. I'm quite happy with the turnout since I'm only targeting table top quality and not in the run for Golden Daemon or Golden Kris award. For those of you who don't know, this army was solely based on the Blood Angels codex and was also inspired by Aaron Dembski-Bowden Night Lords novels; Soul Hunter and Blood Reaver. Ok enough talking, feast on the pictures below.

HQ: From left; Talos the Prophet (Sanguinary Priest), The Exalted (Reclusiarch) and Sorcerer Ruven (Librarian)
Atramentar (Assault Terminators)

First Claw (Death Company)

Seventh Claw (Tactical Squad)

'Bleeding Eyes' Raptors (Jump Assault Squad. You can see some of the Raptors are in Blood Angels and Red Corsair armor.

10th Company Armory: From left; Nostraman Fury (Baal Pred), Storm's Eye (Land Raider) and Carpe Noctum (Rhino)

'Night Stalker' (Stormraven)

So that concludes my 2nd project this year. Now the fully painted Night Lords can instill fear and terror on the tabletop with pride. Ave Dominus Nox!!