Had a round of 40k last Saturday at Battlefield Bangkok. It's been awhile since I roll them dices, and with the newly painted Night Lords army, it's high time I get back in the field. I was up against a cool player, Ram, with his Black Legion Army. The mission was Capture and Control and DoW deployment. Below are the 1750 pts army lists for both army.

Ram's Black Legion

Daemon Prince, with MoT and Warptime
Chaos Lord, Terminator Armor, MoT, Daemon Weapon

10 Chosen with 4 Flamers, Lightning Claws, MoT, Rhino
3 Terminators, Bolter, P.Weapon
7 Plaguemarines, P.Fist, 2 Plasma Gun, Rhino
10 CSM, MoK, P.Fist, Flamer, Rhino

Heavy Support
Land Raider

Night Lord's 10th Company (BA Codex)

Reclusiarch, Infernus Pistol (Exalted
Librarian, Jump Pack (Ruven)

5 A. Terminators (Atramentar), 2 TH and SS, Land Raider (Storm's Eye) with M.Melta
Sanguinary Priest, Jump Pack (Talos)

10 Tactical Marines, P.Fist, M.Gun, M.Melta, Rhino (Seventh Claw)
6 Assault Marines, P.Fist, Infernus Pistol (Raptors, Bleeding Eyes)
8 Death Company, 2 P.Weapon, P.Fist (First Claw)

Fast Attack
Baal Predator with F.Cannon H.Flamer (Fury of Nostramo)

Storm Raven, plasma cannon, twinlinked m.melta (Night Stalker)

It was a game well dominated by the Night Lords, obtaining the 2 objectives from the Black Legion at the end of the game. Below is the battle report with a bit of narrative to it. My apologies for the quality of the photos, I didn't have decent camera with me so the camera phone was the only option.


"Mortal, status report, now!" barked the Exalted. Quiver in fear the adjutant responded "We..we are orbiting Punaviti GX1 now lord, the tenth planet of the Banqchaq system. Bu..but we may have a problem. My scan...."abruptly cut off by the Exalted " What problem!? Speak damn you!" ordered the Exalted. "My scan sweep showed a portion of Astartes, com..company strength, already made p..pla..planet fall, lord. Our imagery scan identified the Astartes as the Black Legion" confirmed the adjutant. So, Ruven's clairvoyance was correct indeed, they wanted the gene seeds too, thought the Exalted. "Inform all Claws to make ready for planetfall" ordered the Exalted, without pointing at anyone. "I will lead the attack. Atramentars, to me". Perhaps there's some sport in this trip after all, grinned the Exalted.

The Night Lords 10th company emerged from the ruined town outskirts. Seventh Claw immediately proceed to cover the objective on the left flank, protected by a man made hill. The Land Raider, Storm's Eye, transporting the Atramentars surged forward to meet the Black Legion but was halted as Storm's Eye hit a tank trap and was immobilized. The Bleeding Eyes followed closely behind the Land Raider and they were led by Talos and Ruven. "Night Stalker" with the Exalted and First Claw onboard, flew forward in an attempt to outflank the Black Legion in their own deployment zone on the right flank.

The Black Legion advanced with its Plague Marines quickly covering the objective located behind a church in their deployment zone, supported by a Defiler and a squad of Chaos Marines. The Daemon Prince flew forward, taking cover behind a nearby ruin. A vindicator cruised forward, using the city ruins to cover itself, attempting to engage the Night Lords in the middle of the battlefield. A Black Legion Lord with its Terminator retinue teleported deep inside the Night Lords zone, targeting the vulnerable Seventh Claw. Its Land Raider however suffered an immobilized result, putting it directly in front of Storm's Eye line of sight. The Terminators opened fire on the Seventh Claw Rhino but merely scratched the ancient vehicle. Lascannon shots from the BL Land Raider on Storm's Eye but no damage inflicted, while the Defiler's battle cannon shot missed the pre-heresy Land Raider by a few meters.

The Night Lords retaliated by firing the first shot on the incoming Vindicator. Sensing the threat it might caused, Storm's Eye machine spirit immediately targeted the vehicle with a precised Multi Melta shot, destroying the vehicle outright. It also opened fire on the Defiler with its lascannon, but the Defiler shrugged of the shot with ease. Talos alongside Ruven rallied the Bleeding Eyes to engage the incoming Daemon Prince, while the Atramentar disembarked from Storm's Eye to assist the exposed Seventh Claw.
The Seventh Claw led by Sergeant Halasker disembarked and fired bolter rounds on the Black Legion Lord and Terminators, killing one and wounding the lord. Seeing the enemy lord weaken by Seventh Claw support fire, the Atramentars with their massive claws and hammers, charged the Black Legion lord. The lord, collapsed as the Daemon within his weapon rebelled, wounding him again. Taking advantage of the fortunate event, the Atramentars slaughtered the remaining Terminators and decapitated the Black Legion Lord with contemptuous ease.

On the right flank, near the ruined church, the Daemon Prince assaulted the Bleeding Eyes. Calling forth the power of the warp, the Daemon-thing grabbed Talos before he could even touch the Daemon Prince and was thrown thirty feet away as he slammed into a wall, rendering him unconscious for the remainder of the battle. Ruven, sensing the thrumming power of the warp conjured by the Daemon Prince, forged an unholy sword (Sanguine Sword)protruding from his warped gauntlet and slashed the Daemon thing across its chest, severely wounding it. The Bleeding Eyes took advantage and throttle the life out of the Daemon, banishing its spirit back into the warp.

The Exalted and his First Claw, managed to ambush the Black Legion within their deployment zone. Septimus deftly piloted the "Night Stalker" and the Night Lords emerged from behind ready to engage the dreaded Defiler and a squad of CSM. The Exalted annihilated the Defiler with single melta pistol shot, utterly destroying the Daemon engine. Seeing their war engine destroyed, the CSM charged the Night Lords with pure hatred but only to be annihilated in 2 rounds of vicious close combat.

As the battle drawing to an end, a squad of elite Black Legionaires, managed to slip through the Night Lords perimeter in an attempt to contest the objective on their deployment zone, but only to be confronted by the Atramentar. The Legionaires proved to be no match against the Atramentar and were crushed to pulps. Seventh Claw immediately took the opportunity to secure the objective. On the right flank, near the ruined church, the remaining Black Legion troops, the Plague Marines, were surrounded by the Exalted with his First Claw and Ruven with the Bleeding Eyes. The Plague Marines were destroyed in a single round of unholy combat thus obtaining the second objective for the Night Lords. By now, all of the Black Legion were either fleeing or annihilated. A sounding victory for the Night Lords. Ave Dominus Nox!