"Ludwig readied himself for the clash. He held aloft his spear and thrusted it forward. A marauder died in pain in the ranks of the enemy. A thousand spears formed a wall of steel and force, marauder charge came to a stall. A cheer ran through the imperial rank but deafened a moment later by a monstrous sound, it was a screech, a growl and a bark at the same time. Ludwig saw a gigantic shape form in the midst of smoke and dust. A monster with many heads came to being. It spread a pair of wings and made that unnatural sound from its heads. Then it gone rampage and start charging the spearman front. It crushed dozens of fleeing marauders while some of it's heads consumed few unlucky ones. Ludwig readied himself once more. He wouldn't stand there if it wasn't for the assuring battle prayers of their leading warrior-priest. But he wasn't sure they will be able to keep this line once the monster hit the ranks. Impact came like the fury of a war god. A perfectly formed spearman line was in disarray. Ludwig saw the warrior-priest charge at the monster and get torn apart by one of it's head. It was the last thing he saw for the rampage of this giant claimed him as well."


At last Monstrous Arcanum is here. It contains loads of new lore and new creatures for Fantasy Battles. From skin wolves to basillisk, we are ready for this expension. And it is %100 compatible with the Storm of Magic. With binding scrolls for monsters for all armies.

Forgeworld keep it up.

A giant khemri scarab statue come to life. HOLY SHIT!!!!