With the club Campaign in full swing and the Bristol Vanguard "Vanquish" tournament out of the way, it is time to get going on my Flesh Tearers proper!

I have a few build ideas for them army-wise - the first being the death company/storm raven/drop pod army and the second being a more bike and jumper oriented list pretty much the Blood Rodeo style from 3++. Either way I want to build an army that is quick, resilient and hopefully packs a solid punch in close combat.

One thing I picked up at Vanquish was that my Emperor's Word Space Marines lacked detail - this is certainly true (and I was pretty proud that was the only negative they picked up) so it is something I want to address with my Flesh Tearers.

For starters the whole army will be tied together with the well known imagery of the Chapter, so Flesh Tearers shoulder pads for starters, but also generally "blood angel-y" equipment from the specialised Chainswords to the jump packs, torso's etc.

Next I am going to pull everything in colour-wise and make sure that at face value they all have a unified look - one of the best armies at Vanquish was a "Flesh Eaters" army which looked amazing as it had a uniform look across the army. If I can pull that kind of thing off I'll be happy.

Lastly, I want to look at battle-damage/weathering as well to make the Flesh Tearers look like they are in a long campaign as opposed to fresh off the production line.

Now, I realise my skills are fairly lacking when it comes to painting, so this could end up being a mammoth task. Even so, I think it is well worth looking at for a third army. Ideally between the army build, the paint job and the background I'd like to have an army to be proud of, as well as one I can take to future Bristol Vanguard events (and similar) and have a fair chance to get as many points as possible!

I spent some time last night clipping bits from sprues and sorting them into plastic tubs. This should make it easier for me to put the models I need together over the next few weeks ready for me to begin painting.

As an aside, I do have a number of photo's etc. from the Bristol Vanguard tournament I'll put up in the next few days to show you what went on there as well as the amazing quality of their scenery!