People who visit here regularly may recall not too long ago I started my dark eldar, dark blue in colour with light blue highlights. Well only 1 warrior and venom really got done before I moved onto different projects as always however with the release of the new texture paints, I feel its time the Kabal moved onto a siege of a near by ice planet....

Again those of you who visit here regularly or recently at least may have noticed my post on the new texture paints (can be found HERE).  I quite frankly love them they are awesome, as such I couldn't resit changing my deldar scheme to make future painting of those models easier.

For comparison here is the old model based with sand and a bit of grass -

The same style essentially that I use on my Blood Angels and Tyranids, however this needs to change as its ugly and just looks like a grassy beach, who would fight on a grassy beach, not many people!

So I stripped the base completely, a top tip here, just soak it for 10-20 mins in hot but not boiling water and the PVA glue just dissolves and the sand can be rubbed off with ease.

Painted the base up with Mourn Mountain snow, applied a blue wash and a heavy dry brush of white.  This is how it ended up and I apologise in advance for the quality of the photos, I didnt have time to get the light studio out and its mainly just the base we are looking at anyway.

 It's actually not quite this blue so dont let that put you off, the highlight shows more with the eye

So, comments? What do people prefer, the old sand with grass or the new GW white snow effect paint.  I personally think:

Plus point 1) Ease of use, new texture paints are way faster to use
Plus point 2) Snow does go very well against the blue of the warrior, especially with the blue wash to give it that icy look.
Plus point 3) Different from all the other armies I have

Negative point 1) It can look a bit bland, like its half finished
Negative point 2) White can look very strange on most boards unless they are snow boards

Would you go back to the sand, keep with the white or perhaps try one of the other texture paints?
Also does anyone have a suggestion of a way to make it less plain? since static grass isn't an option.  Not sure how a small rock would look partly covered in snow but is a viable option.  Thanks for reading!