Hey there, folks!
I'm pretty excited to announce that The 11th Company Podcast just released their 120th episode, titled Episode 120: Dive Bomb for Paint Scores!
Well, what does that mean? Well, you should totally go and check it out, give it all your ears for its entire duration simply because the 11th Company Podcast is awesome. You don't really need any other reasons.

Like I mentioned last time, Pat was kind enough to invite me to his Podcast and I just had to say yes. Now that I'm listening to it, it's kind of cool how many topics we were able to cover in ~14 minutes!

Download or stream the podcast to listen to me stutter about:
- The new Ork Flyers
- The future of Flyers in 6th Edition
- The quality of the recent White Dwarf magazines
- Puppets War's Flying Coffin Orcoplane
- Special Operations: KILLZONE and the part I played in it's development
Tell me what you think! 

P.S: The interview is around 14 minutes long (starts at 3:28:44 and ends ~3:42:40) and you should totally go check it out if/when you have some spare time.