Cue dramatic flying music... theme song from "Top Gun"... RIP Tony Scott...

The 5 flyers are finished.  Here are my 3 Night Scythes and 2 Doom Scythes.  To help identify the Doom Scythes (outside the big prism gun) I painted their main fuselage blue. 

I snapped some pictures of them on the sanded (but not painted) display board I'll be transporting to NOVA.  As you can see, I alternated which panels were turquoise in which were metallics to add some variety.

They have been doing great, I just need to keep practicing which flight vectors to go to get maximum carnage.  I'll be running 4 instead of 5 on this weekend's 1,750 tournament.  I would love to get rid of the aegis defense lines and the communications relay, but I don't want to take any chances.  It's really good to have them all in at once to overwhelm the opponent.  I hope I can get at least one game against another full flyer list to practice between now and NOVA.