Good evening children of Grandfather Nurgle and thank you for joining us again in our corner of his necrotic paradise. Today I am offering up a review of KR multicases Kaiser 4 case. As you can imagine with me picking up the Kaiser 4 this is not an unbiased reviewed as I already own a Kaiser 2, a Skirmish case and 5 additional card cases.

The Kaiser 4 is the largest in the Kaiser series and holds 4 of the cardboard cases to allow you to switch out what you bring rather than having to change the foam as you do in the aluminium cases. This case was bought for my Necrons though I originally planned to use my Kaiser 2 case with some new custom foam unfortunately I use a few flyers and barges and with  them not being as boxy as Imperial forces they take up significantly more room.

With the realisation I would need 4 card cases to hold what I owned and planned to purchase to expand my force I initially looked at buying 4 cases and a second Kaiser 2 bag but the difference was quite small cost wiseso for ease of transport I went with the larger bag. However I can only recommend this if you are moving about in a car as the case is 20" tall, 16.5" wide and 11" deep so is a bit bulky for walking or public transport. Luckily with the case being a tough fabric rather than solid plastic and being filled with card, foam and models it is still light enough to move once you get used to it being a giant lump of a case ( think two large GW cases taped together).

The material is hard wearing even with regular use, I picked up a Kaiser 2 when KR first started as a one man operation and it is still as good as new. It is waterproof and even protected the contents from a large chilli sauce covered kebab being dropped on it without a stain.

The card cases I was wary about at first but after years of being used the only sign of wear is on the hinge and this remains solid. The foam is much softer than what you find in GW's cases which lets you manipulate it to get large models such as Necron Overlords, Kroot and Saurus in without damaging their weapons.

You can take the pick and pluck rather than the custom foam to try and squeeze more in and while I did this with my Black Templars I felt more comfortable with the custom foam for Necron vehicles.

Overall I am a fan of these cases and do think they are worth the money, don't get me wrong they are not cheap but when you are transporting hundreds of pounds worth of models you have built and painted yourself I think it is better to invest in making sure they get to their destination safely.

Until next time keep spreading his gifts to the four corners of the universe.