Good evening children of Grandfather Nurgle and thank you for joining us once again in our dark corner of the warp. Today I would like to offer up a simple conversion I made for my Destroyer Lord.

This has come about due to all my 6th edition games being 2v2 with a 1000 points each. So far I have been using my Destroyer Lord model I made when I first started playing around three years ago, back then he used to sit back with a Resurrection Orb and Staff of Light babysitting two squads of destroyers.

Recently I have been using him with a squad of Wraiths and he needs a Warscythe, my gaming group is pretty easy going with model representation as they like to try new things out regularly. As I did have a big rant on how this is making me lazy and not wanting to sound like a hypocrite I have been slowly building up the models I use with the correct  war gear to try and sort this out.

To start I picked up a new Destroyer kit and attached an Overlord that came with an Annihilation barge to the spine. This needed a bit of trimming on the cape as rather than extend it over the back I wanted to give it a short ragged appearance to represent how he was once a powerful leader before he became a destroyer aeons ago.

Rather than the standard Warscythe the Overlord came with I swapped it for the one handed version that comes with the Lychguard kit I have been using for Cryptek parts as is a bit more imposing.

Overall this is was a very simple conversion which could have been taken much further though I am happy with the outcome. Hopefully soon he should be looking good leading my Wraiths on the battlefield if my current resurgence of hobby motivation stays with me.

Until next time keep Nurgle close to your heart and you shall never falter.