By Spaguatyrine

I think this picture says it all!!! 

Are Necrons Over Powered?  They were the first codex written closest to 6th edition that obviously benefit from new rules, cool and new abilities, and awesome looking models. But overpowered??????

I have been play testing necrons as allies of convenience and I can tell you they add an element to my Grey Knights I have been missing since 5th edition. 

What do I get with Necrons in 6th edition?

A reliable close combat threat in wraiths that don't instantly die when being over watched.  The other unit I have play tested that work this way are storm shield terminators.  Wraiths are faster and have 2 wounds, are fearless, have the 3++, but don't have that important 2+.  This means I have to play them more strategically then just run up the middle with 10 TH/SS termies. 

24" shooting that can crack vehicles and are great at anti infantry.  An Annihilation Barge. For 90 points this bad boy added to 20 or 30 strike squad storm bolters at strength 5 with 4 psycannons are massive anti infantry and can pop light transports like soda cans.  Tesla is nice to 'get lucky' with the arcing ability also.

Night scythe for anti flyer abilities that are a duel threat as a transport.  I will take the night scythe against most flyers in the sky. For 100 points they are awesome for their points and being able to teleport your troops after moving u to 36" on the board is "awesome sauce".  Did I add the cheap scoring troops rock? 

HQ as an allied force is tricky. I could take an overlord to keep my warriors alive, but why when you can have a destroyer lord that wrecks face, deflects instant death missiles and str 8 autocannon shots, has str 7 and 2d6 versus vehicles with a 2+ save and mindshackle scarabs?  Do it!

Are they over powered? Parts of them are, but that is the same as every other codex that has great units.  6th edition in my opinion is about what combination of armies that you like to play can you put together to make a force that works the way you want on the table top.  I really missed close combat in 6th and set forth after Nova to find a reliable good mix between close combat and shooting.  And I feel I have found that balance with the ...

Not OP but powerful Necrons and powerful Grey Knights. 

I am still play testing with space wolves and knights, black templars and knights, etc. I believe I have given up on the guard models as I just don't like it in 6th.

What combo's are you finding you love in 6th?

Do you in fact feel Necrons are OP?