Hey guys!

So I've been busy the last couple of days! We've got a big game of Apocalypse planned for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so we've been planning that. I've been busy at the studio though putting out some projects! The Smells Like Painting Mojo is back! I also discovered that I'm four episodes behind in Worlds End Radio podcasts, so I've been catching up on that. Got a ton of Independent Characters to catch up on too!

First up, I had a quick, one-off commission for a local guy who wanted his Elf Ranger, Ghost, painted up for his Pathfinder campaign. The Pathfinder group around here is really dedicated to their game, and its good to see them get their pieces painted too!

A little freehand on the cloak to break up the white, and I freehanded 'GHOST' onto his base to ensure he doesn't get confused in the whirl of melee!

I've also been getting a ton of Blood Bowl in the last couple of weeks. I've talked a little bit about it, but right now, the Orcland Raiders are sitting at 1-7 in the league with Darren MorcFadden, Raiders Thrower sitting at #1 for Star Player Points in the league. I finally have a goblin, Squish, with Catch so, assuming he doesn't just get annihilated by something (AV7!), I'm hoping to have MorcFadden connect with Squish for some Touchdowns! I've also got a pretty good defense rolling too with a Black Orc Blocker, Bill Romanorcski, with Block, and a Blitzer, Troy Polamorcu, with Mighty Blow!

On the painting field though, we're only sitting at the Troll, MorcFadden, Romanorcski, and a misc. Lineman with some paint!

I really want to get the Goblins done, right now I'm using an old Goblin Standard and a Grot for my goblins. I'll slowly get through the team, though I'll probably get them finished right as the league finishes, then I'll just move onto another team! I am going all out on these pieces though, enjoy the little Orcland Raider's logo on MorcFadden! Gotta do some tattoos too!

Alrighty, tomorrow starts the Thanksgiving Break, so plan is to get a lot of painting done next week. I've got the Femme Fatale Henchman army sitting on my desk, along with a Bastion or two and Magilla's Malifaux pieces. Can I get through them all? We'll sure see!