The Imperial-Infantrymans-Handbook is the combination of the Imperial Munitorum Manual and Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer. I did a raving "drink the kool-aid" endorsement when Amazon first listed it.
I found this on an image search. This is from the Uplifting Primer, which has lots of great diagram art like this.

Nothing is really new here (with exception to the brusque warning -attached below- that if I were YOU citizen, I would heed!) however this still remains a great reference for the RPGs (Dark Heresy and Only War particularly) and is generally just great Imperial propaganda that adds a great feel and sense of duty to the budding Imperial Guard commander. When I ever get around to fielding my IG army, I think I will take this with me to the game and randomly read litanies and propaganda during my opponent's turn. I mean, why not? Spirit of the game and all that...:D

If you missed my endorsement, or the link above elluded you, here is what the intro page says of the book:

"You there soldier! Don't know a las-cutter from a lascannon? Not sure which prayer to the God-Emperor will protect you from the enemy artillery fire? Need to know how to survive an explosive decompression on your drop ship or set up a crossfire ambush in a death world jungle? Better consult the handbook. The Munitorum adepts give us those things for a reason, you know..."

That proceeds this:

And it only gets more awesome from there! If you don't have it, you should. If you need a fun stocking stuffer for a fellow player, this is a great thing to give.