Today we have a little treat for all you Rivet Warriors participating in the Kickstarter by Cool Mini.

You have seen my painted versions of the regular bases.  However, I wanted to present something new to you.  Making a specialized base for your figures.

I started out by cutting a piece of thick plasticard to the same size as the original base.  A piece of cork was added to that, extending the overall surface just a bit.

To create the sandbags, it was time to break out the Apoxy sculpt!

I folded out the clay in shapes that looked a lot like pillows.  I made sure to have the ends pinched down, so they would look more like sealed bags.

Then it was time to add more sandbags, just as if I were laying bricks.  I made sure to have any overhanging ends sagging downwards.  After they had set up for a few minutes, I used a sculpting tool to create a bit of a seam.

With the bags complete, it was time to get some rocks and gravel onto the base.  I took out my trusty oxide paste...

And applied it to the base.  Then I put on the heavier rocks, followed by the smaller and finer grains.

Time to see what the figure will look like!!

The painting was done with just a few colors, a light greenish grey, a chocolate brown, and a darker blue/brown.  I worked quickly with my larger #8 brush to get pigment everywhere.  The bags had more of the light greenish grey to distinguish them from the ground.

All surfaces covered.  Time to work lighter!

The light Green/grey is added to the chocolate brown on the bags, getting a bit lighter each time.

This is as light as I need to get, so now the glazing and shading begins!

I had a reddish brown glaze, a muddy brown, and a black.  These were alternated over various areas to get some differences in the colors.

OK, the glazes are done!  Time to let this dry...

And then add the miniature!

This is a basing tutorial that I want to create for my Kickstarter series of painting videos.