So I finished my Mechanical Engineer. I am pretty happy with how the basing turned out.


Engineer Finished


Its pretty basic for this army, but I thought it was about time I went over it. I am using Scorched Brown followed by highlights of Bestial Brown and then Bleached Bone. I know these are not the current colors, but I’ve still got alot of old colors and I am going to use them up :-)

So now that my fun with the Engineer is over, it’s time to get back to the serious units. I mentioned earlier on the podcast and in a post that a unit of 9 Inner Circle Knights with full command was going to be one of the center pieces of the Altdorf Army.

The Reason for this is that the unit will be tough as nails at S6 and have a 1+ A/S while being Core and under 300 Points. During play testing before the new book, I have found that the unit worked in much the same way Demigriffons now do during the charge. They were my pre 8th ed army book answer to ogres and with all the increased usage of Monstrous Cavalry, these guys are just to good to drop from the list.

I have 7 of the 9 completed. Here’s a few Shots of them.

Knights 1


I Found that the white was the hardest thing to paint on these 1st 7 and to be honest because of it, I am not looking forward to the last 2.





Blue Highlighting on the shields turned out well and was remarkably simple to do. Just a coat of Regal Blue followed by highlights of Enchanted and bam, I was there.

Knights 3



The other thing you’ll notice – aside from me being 2 models short of my unit of 9 as I stated earlier – is that I haven’t started working on my movement tray for this unit. I right now envision using 2 of the old 10 man unit trays, green stuffing them together and then doing texture basing on the outside the same as I have done the individual bases.


Perhaps I can get that complete within the next couple weeks along with the last 2 Knights.


Till then, Happy Gaming