Rob speaking,

So, after my intro post the other day, I briefly talked about what army I’m currently using, Guard with Allied Space Wolves for those who missed it. This list has evolved quite a bit since it’s inception, I was originally running Space Wolves with Guard allies, but I have enjoyed using the guard way too much, so much so, they became the primary army.

I have been play testing a whole heap of lists for a good couple of months now in preparation for Caledonian Uprising 2013, Caledonian is a tournament I’m attending this January, last year Caledonian was my first tournament since coming back to playing 40k in late 2011, I had a real laugh and met people I now consider friends. So I have to say, anyone who’s not been to a tournament or is put off by the reputation of “tournament players”, I say give it a go! I’ve had nothing but fun, yet challenging games, win or lose!

So what is the army I hear you ask?

Primary Detachment: Imperial Guard

HQ1: Lord Commissar (70) Power Axe (10) [80]
HQ2: Company Command Squad (50) [50]
Troop1: Veteran Squad (70) Lascannon (20) [90]
Troop2a: Platoon Command (30) [30]
Troop2b: Infantry squad (50) Power Axe (10) Meltabomb (5) [65]
Troop2c: Infantry squad (50) Power Axe (10) Meltabomb (5) [65]
Troop2d: Infantry squad (50) Power Axe (10) Meltabomb (5) [65]
Troop2e: Infantry squad (50) Power Axe (10) [60]
Troop2f: Infantry squad (50) [50]
Fast1: Vendetta (130) Heavy Bolters (10) [140]
Fast2: Vendetta (130) Heavy Bolters (10) [140]
Fast3: Vendetta (130) [130]

Allied Detachment: Space Wolves
HQ1: Rune Priest (100) Master of Runes (50) Jaws of the World Wolf (0), Living Lightening (0) [150]
HQ2: Rune Priest (100) Storm Caller (0), Jaws of the World Wolf (0) [100]
Elite1: 3 Wolf Guard (54) 2 Terminator Armour (2x15) 2 Power Fists (2x10) 1 Bike (35) [139]
Troop1: 10 Grey Hunters (150) 2 Plasmaguns (1x10, 1xfree) [160]
Troop2: 10 Grey Hunters (150) 2 Plasmaguns (1x10, 1xfree) [160]
Fast1: 3 Hyperios Air Defence Battery (3x35) [105]

As you can see it’s a pretty blunt list, the guard will run, yes, run at the enemy until in rapid fire range, where they will remove basically any Infantry unit in the game! By moving so aggressively I hope to take control of the midfield, backed up by the 20 Grey Hunters they make a formidable foe. My anti-tank/flyer comes from 4 things, the Hyperios Battery and 3 Vendettas which are made much more reliable from the Comms relay, which will usually be manned by the Veteran squad or the either the Platoon or Company command squads.

Allowing the Guard to do as they please, they are boosted by the Rune Priests psychic powers, the Priests will usually be taking the Divination or Biomancy powers of which most of these will be vital to the success of this list. Buffing the Guard makes them super tough and/or super killy. 

The round 1 draw has been made and I’ll be facing Dave Williamson and his Tyranids, from the looks of things it’s a fairly straight forward list, 2 Hive Tyrants 1 flying, 1 on foot, Doom in pod, 3 Hive Guard, 2 Zoanthropes, Termagaunts, Tervigon, 3 Warriors with shooting and combat load outs, 30 Hormaguants, 20 Gargoyles, 2x1 Biovores.  To me, this looks like a mix of shooting and combat, which is not something you typically see in a Nid list, usually it's either one of the other.

So expectations, well I finished 50th out of 110 last year, this year there are only about 90 people signed up, so to beat last year I will have to come 45 or better, But I'm looking to finish in the top 30! So, here goes!