I am just that excited!

Now I know it’s not 40k but this game has been something me and a couple of the guys have been waiting for many a year, I am just counting down the days for this. I am sure any other fan boys out there of the series are feeling the same at the moment. This game from what I have seen and read is going to be one of the best of 2013, so why am I so excited?

The first thing that sets my mind racing is the fact that this has been classified as a canonical sequel to Aliens, finally we might get all the questions answered about just what the hell happened to LV-42 after the survivors left and just what the hell has been going on around this time? Now I am sure if you have seen the trailers you will recognise a few faces, Bishop, Hicks and look this is just me but if you have seen the most recent story trailer, the guy in the hood, I swear that is Hudson… how that is possible I don’t know but Gearbox have dropped more than enough hints about familiar faces and explaining what happened to the marines… I mean look at the picture below and compare it to the guy in the hood

Tell me that isn’t Hudson!

So that for a start is why I am excited, the story looks like it is going to very intense and very informative. Gearbox have also done a solid by making this a 4 player drop in Co-op game, now me and the guys I game with are just ecstatic and have made a pact to make sure he campaign is only completed together. They have gone all out on the authentic feel of the game from the sounds, lighting, atmosphere and general crap your pants fear the films granted. This will be one game I am playing with a cold beer and lights out, shouting orders down my headset to seal the damn door!

With this and then the details on the pre-order package of being able to play as your favourite marines, Drake, Hicks, Hudson and Apone the presents just keep coming, I must admit I haven’t delved a whole lot into the whole Multiplayer myself but that is just because the story looks amazing.

The thought of having a last stand in a room with Sentry guns, Pulse Rifles and motion trackers with your comrades just fills me with joy, I know there has been some mention that this might go the same way Duke Nukem did but come on people, give the guys a break, watch the trailer and interviews and look at the passion that has been put into this, the guys at Gearbox are real Aliens fan boys and they are going to make this personal just like we all wish we could.

So get ready people, don your helmet, grab your motion tracker and Watch those corners, this is about to get real!