Deathwing Terminator!

So I figured I would take a break from yellow and checks to work on some bone loving. This here is one of my Dark Vengeance terminators!  I decided to go with a very bright basing style for this army since the Deathwing and Ravenwing colors are so non colorful, but I tied in the colors of the terminator with the base, the bone skull, the nonmetallic gun and grill match the rock, the oranges/reds of the foliage are close to the gun.

The base by the way was done from a tutorial posted on Bell of Lost Souls.  My thanks go out to Lazuli Miniature Studios for posting that. I wanted a redish ground with grey rock and bright foliage, so it was timely that I found his tutorial on Bols.

As I do more bases, I will do my own step by step post.

Oh and the knee is not done yet, I am waiting to see how I intend to squad markings for the army before I finish it.

In the background you can see a Deathwing Land Raider. This thing has been painted a bunch of times. It started it's life as an Ultramarine Land Raider, then went Black Templars, then Blood Angels, then got used as an Airbrush tester model for all sorts of colors including my lamenters themes.  It makes me happy to say that the old venerable will finish it's life span as a Deathwing tank.

Thats it for now!  Be sure to check out my live shows on the Miniwargaming vault. I am doing my Jawaballs Live every Tuesday at 8pm EST.  Dave has opened it up for all to view for free! Tonight I will probably be doing cork bases and discussing tactics again!

Also I will be launching a Kickstarter soon for my own DVDs.  It is time for me to revamp my lineup and update my offerings to reflect my improved painting and the new colors available!  But I need some capital to get the DVDs made. I will be releasing a six disc set that covers all of the major colors, detailing and handpainting, and hobby tools and tricks including basing and display.  Each disc will be a full DVD, with menus and full color images on the disc, complete in a full color, shrinkwrapped sleeve! Painting the Jawa way!

If you love my stuff show your support by backing me in the kickstarter! Be looking for that announcement in a few days once I finish setting it up.

More to come.