A new feature is now up and (hopefully) working on PinsofWar.net: Gallery pins.

Gallery pins allow you to pin several images into a single “pin”, having them all in one place for people to marvel at. I wrote a short step-by-step guide on uploading a Gallery pin, using James Wappel‘s fantastic little Lord of the Rings diorama of a Frodo being cornered by a Nazgûl.

#1 – Add+

To start, log in to PinsofWar.net. Afterwards, click the ‘Add+‘ button in the upper right corner.

Add a miniature picture to PinsofWar.net

Add a pin to PinsofWar.net

 #2 – Select Gallery Pin

The choice in the pop-up menu now includes a 4th option: Gallery pins.

PinsofWar Gallery Pin

Select Gallery pin

 #3 – Upload Pictures

Clicking ‘Gallery pin’ will lead to a further menu, where you can upload not one, but multiple pictures. PinsofWar.net will automatically crop pictures to 582 px width max (so it works with the overall Pinboard-aesthetic and logic). Gallery pins are limited to a maximum of 5 pictures.

Upload miniatures and wargaming Pictures for a Gallery pin

Upload Pictures for a Gallery pin

 #4 – Start upload

Start upload and wait for the pictures to upload. Once all pictures have been uploaded to PinsofWar.net, you will be able to click ‘next’, leading you to the standard menu for selecting a board for your pin and adding a bit of descriptive text.

PinsofWar Pin

Final touches done.

Hit the ‘War Pin’ button, and you’re done.

Check out the LotR Diorama Gallery pin on the site.

#5 – Edit Options

Though there is no option to upload multiple pictures into a Gallery pin using the PinsofWar.net bookmarklet, you can add a link to a gallery pin with the edit option.

Try double-clicking the James Wappel Gallery pin to see the re-direct to his blog in action.

#6 – Feedback wanted!

New features are always prone to bugs at the start.

If you find any, let me know! Either right here in the comments or through my support page.

Many thanks!