If you visited this site more than once in the last couple of days, you would likely have noticed that I have been tinkering with the visuals of the theme a lot. Now, I think (hope?) I got a look – based on the StudioPress Metro Theme - that is cool, functional and hopefully not distracting from the posts.

#1 – The “Classic” Pins of War Blog Theme

When I started writing this blog last summer, I didn’t pay much attention to the visuals. I picked the Prose Theme, because it is something of a build-it-yourself-theme type of theme. That is, it has a nice little back-end editor for design settings, custom code, css, etc.., which allowed me to work on and refine the theme in small steps. One little tweak here and one there, every other week or so.

For all the many options, it had one drawback though. It only has 960 px. width (which, I guess, is a common blog standard, if one that is on the way out).

I always felt I needed more space, both for the actual blog posts I write, and for stuff I couldn’t fit into the rather small sidebar (Note how there’s fun new things over on the right now! Such as Poll!).

So I decided to just bin it, despite all the work I put into it over the last year.

#2 – The “Intermediary” Pins of War Blog Theme

Since than I’ve been tinkering. For a week now, I ran a huge-ass theme with near 800 px width for the main content alone. It was kinda fun, but I grew tired of it rather quickly.

Part of the things that turned me off was the need for immense fonts to even cover the entire page. And it ended up feeling like the screen-zoom was in a wrong setting, not like a spacious blog.

As there’s a 30-day no-questions-asked-money-back on StudioPress Themes, I decided to skip on it as long as I could get a cash-back, even thought it meant two (perhaps irritating) changes to this blog within barely two weeks.

#3 – The New Pins of War Blog Theme

So here’s the new me. I think I like it enough to stick with it (for a bit). It’s got a nice 1152 px. wide-frame to play with. It is not as minimalistic as the intermediary one, not least for having a fancy background pic again. Than again, I do have another 30-day trial on this one too, so feel free to trash it if you think it’s crap.

What do you think?

Making progress here? Is the blog good to read and navigate?

What would you change?

I’d love to have your feedback, so leave a comment!


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