Citi-Def are the National Guard of Mega-City One, a cross between an organised Peoples Militia and gun-toting lunatics with access to high-grade firepower. They're often portrayed as the halpless cannon-fodder of whatever crisis is engulfing the city at the time. Naturally I wanted a daft, cartoony scheme for them, which would be unique to their particular Hab-Block. This guy is the test figure for my Cit-Def force (although they'd also be good for Necromunda or the like), a resolute defender of Howard Overman Block. 

I should be able to production-line these guys through once i'm happy with them, as they're not that complex a figure, and after that I expect to go back to my Blood Ravens. I'm actually quite close to a half-way decent 1500 point force, although if -as the rumours indicate - the StormBrick becomes available to Vanilla Marines, I'll have to get myself one, just for the fun of painting it.