My Kickstarter is half way over, and I have reached 83% of my goal. That is outstanding! Thanks go out to every one who has supported this project.

But it is not over yet! We have two more weeks to really push for the roof. I set the goal at 7k, but I would love to see it double that!

I have some sweet stretch goals planned where I will be offering up painted models at prices I have never offered before.  For example, one of the most famous Vindicators on the internet will be offered up as a stretch goal.  HERE IT IS in all it's old school Blood Angels glory, as featured as the main image on   This vindicator is significant not for it's outstanding paint job, frankly it doesn't hold up to my current tanks even though it still looks awesome. No, this was one of the first tanks I ever painted, a bit of Jawaballs history. Also it has some of my first handpainting.

Any way. I will be putting this up as a stretch goal once I hit my 7k goal along with lots of other great little bits from the Jawaballs closet. I will be clearing out old sprues, Eldar, Grey Knights, Vampire Counts, and who knows what else! All at prices I have never even considered previously. Currently I have my squad of painted Blood Knights up there for 250 bucks and it comes with your choice of a DVD.  They are gorgeous!  I also have a tabletop ready Dark Angels vindicator up there that I painted during my live Miniwargaming show.

The next couple weeks should be a pretty exciting stretch with lots of great deals on some beautifully painted stuff. Stay tuned because you can always upgrade your pledge! Bounce on over to my KICKSTARTER and get your pledge in and thank you for your fantastic support!