With just over a week left my Kickstart promoting my new line of painting tutorial DVDs called The Jawaballs Way has reached it's mark!  Now it is time to push it with some new rewards. I will be posting up additional rewards today, offering great deals on stuff I happen to have around. So grab yourself some painting tutorials and some sweet swag!

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the actual painted models for the tutorials. Check out MY KICKSTART and get in on the deal! You get two free DVDs through the promotional preorder price on the kickstarter. 

Cryx Warjack!

This model is part of the "Black and White" disc. I will
also be painting a White Assault Marine and Ravenwing biker.

I also teach how to make this base on the "Basing and Display" disc.

Khador Mechanik Officer!

I use mostly P3 paints on the Warmachine models and do my
own interpretation of the recipes straight from their army books.

Some Jawa Grey! I do a full tutorial on how to do it.

A humble Blood Angel tactical marine! Part of the
"Red and Yellow" disc

A Space Hulk Tyranid from the "Blue and Green" disc.
Not every model you paint needs to be epic!

Thanks to every one for their awesome support!