Northern Ireland doesn't exactly have the biggest Blood Bowl gaming community, but I think this demonstrates that there is lots of potential to get the game up and running locally, 
and this is a fantastic first step.

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone for making it such a brilliant success on the day. It was unfortunate that 4 people couldn't actually make it, but nonetheless it was still great to see the game that I love so much being played, especially in the final game what a great moment.   

So go check out all the rounds and the final scores and hopefully everyone is looking forward to June, for the chaos cup. 

A great a goblin conversion.

And so it all went into the final round to decide the overall winner between the 
Rottenham Grotspur v  More Killz Orcs

So there you have it and congratulations to everyone that attended on the day, and it looks like the Rottenham Grotspurwe our the 1st all Ireland Blood Bowl champions.