So its been a wee while, but I've been a busy chap! Had some work to do and other personal projects to get on so blogging took a wee backseat, but here we are on the cusp of a Tau release, and I'm zogging excited for it! Here though, is my main gaming activity from the week before and tabletop day! What? You don't know what tabletop day is? Pfft!

First of all, myself and Morgan decided to have a nice huge game of 40k, and in a small amount of time. Challange! Our armies are below! I believe we had 4500 each, would have been more but Morg forgot a few of his characters so some trimming was needed.

Heres the table before we deployed, nothing too fancy as we wanted plenty of room, but to still make us think tactics. 

After a couple of turns, my flyers storm the board and cause trouble. Morg wastes almost an entire armies worth of shooting trying to take them out with no success! 

Its a close game throughout, Land Raiders are blown up, characters kill the enemy and are in turn defeated in combat, it was immensely gratifying seeing so much on the table. 

My terminators devoured a couple of grey hunters units, rhinos and a dread before they were finally stopped, and Morgan did eventually take out my Stormraven. Arjac was killed by my thunderhammer toting termies, but a huge bloodclaw pack were rampaging in my deployment zone. This was an epic game fair dues! We hurriedly counted the victory points to see who had won...

15-20 to Morgan, I had a feeling he had the edge but he insisted it was me who was winning, but what a game. We had so much fun playing this, my shooting edge wasn't quite enough as when Morgs wolves got into combat they were hard to stop, although I had some success in Morgs deployment too in combat. We both got to try units that don't get used much, Morgs bikers, and my librarian, who I really enjoyed using! I even remember to use his powers ha.

 Now onto International Tabletop Gaming Day, held last Saturday. The day before Owain and Morgan came over to mine and brought some games with them... first up, Risk!

This edition was Space Risk, where even the moon is up for grabs by your troops. Morgan controlled the game for the first half, although my forces were still considerable Owain was banished to the moon, needing a specific card to be released and exact revenge. As myself and Morg built our forces up, he went to go onto a major offensive against me but I had a 'Cease Fire' card with prevented him from attacking me, score! I then went on the offensive and took over a lot of his countries. Owain however on the last turn took the initiative and invaded the Earth like the Red martian he is! He took over many of my countries, but I managed to fight back valiantly. The game ended, and we totted up the final scores.... 

I'd been pipped by one measely point! It was Give a Ginger a Hug Day also, but I wasn't so sure after that haha. It was a great game though, my first time playing Risk and hopefully not my last! 

Next up, we played Chaos in the Old World. What a sexy board this is! Bam had arrived at this point, and we all fought for which Chaos god we would become. Morgan took on the mantle of Khorne, Owain as Papa Nurgle, Bam became Slaanish, and I sneakily became Tzeentch. 

I started slowly, as Morgan and Owain battle for the lead. Bam stayed ahead of me for much of the game not far off the others. It finally occurred to me what I needed to do to win. In the last turn I ruined two areas and got enough turns on the dial to win. Unfortunately, so did everyone else. If everyone has a victory on the dials it would be judged on the victory points. We counted up and finally, I'd managed to jump ahead and steal it on the final turn in the name of Tzeentch! A great game, I really enjoyed how every Chaos God has to level up in different ways. Nurgle through corrupting towns, Slaanesh through corrupting the nobility, Khorne through butching the others, and Tzeentch through playing magic cards and warpstone tokens in each ot the towns. This is a great little game, and it makes me want to play the Horus Heresy game even more!

For now, thats it. I'll have another update detailing this weeks game, where me and Alun took on the benign Adam and Chris' Chaos forces. I've also been working on objective markers for the Tredegar Reavers first campaign day, where I designed the certificates and campaign pack while member Jacob came up with the story and rules. Should be a cracking day as I'll be using the new Tau! I've got a riptide ordered along with the codex, and hopefully I'll add a few more pieces too. Keep an eye out for those!