Nick speaking,

Right, with my Void Dragon conversion finished, all I need to do now is update my old three C'tan 5th Edition list. So, lets have a look at what changes have to happen so that I can get the three Star Gods  C'tan Shards on the table, with some sort of chance in 6th Edition!

Starting with the three Shards, I want them to match the models and my vision of what they would do on the battlefield. The Nighbringer as the assault Shard, The Deceiver as the sneaky Shard and the Void Dragon as the shooty Shard. The three C'tan set up I was using was, The Nighbringer with Time and Gaze, The Deceiver with Dust and Worldscape and the Void Dragon with Pyres and Thunderbolt. Things have changed for Dust now though, as most cover saves are going to be 5+, so even with the Stealth rule Dust Grants, he isn't going to get much better than his 4++. Well, unless you get lucky with a building in your deployment zone! So, I have now moved the Pyreshard over to the Deceiver and given the Void Dragon Moulder of the World, which gives him two rather nice 24" guns...

Next, is how to run the list from here on? I am still playing at 1750pts and with 765pts sunk into the Shards, tough decisions will have to be made. I know that the dangerous terrain tests are nowhere  near as dangerous as they were in 5th, but I still think I want to continue with the multi Tremorstave/Worldscape combo for now, just because...well, because it is fun. The only issue is getting all the staves spread out across the army, and the small units of five Immortals/Warriors that I was previously using, just isn't going to cut it in 6th.

With the need to beef up the sizes of the troop units to ten strong, I have decided to drop the mech side of the list I had, so the Ghost Ark and Annihilation barges are out, which sort of follows the trend of 6th anyway, as I have found 6th to be sort of all or nothing, when it comes to vehicles.

The next unit I want to take which is different from my first list, is a small unit of Scarabs. They will go in front of the Void Dragon and the Nightbringer as they advance forward. They will be their little distraction unit, either taking shots, busting tanks open or locking units in assault, depending on the situation! The Deceiver will be hanging back with the Warriors, keeping out of site if possible, to maintain Worldscape for as long as as he can, or until the troops need back up. Lastley, I have added in the faithful Defence line and Quad Gun, and with the few points left over, I put Weave on the Overlord, as he is going to be on foot instead of in the Ark and will need it.

Here is my final list, but what do you think? What would you take in a list that has the criteria of three C'tans? Would you go the Tremorstave route, or for something else? The main issue I see with my list at the moment is its lack of mobilty, and I have a feeling I may have to move away from the dangerous terrain theme at some point, but I want to try this out first, battle reports to follow... 
Void Crons


1 x Overlord/Warscythe/MSS/Weave (130)
Royal Court:
1 x Cryptek/Tremorstave (30)
1 x Cryptek/Tremorstave (30)
1 x Cryptek/Tremorstave (30)
1 x Cryptek/Tremorstave (30)


1 x Void Dragon/Moulder/Thunder (255)
1 x Deceiver/Pyres/Worldscape (235)
1 x Nightbringer/Time/Gaze  (275)


10 x Immortals/Gauss (170)
10 x Warriors (130)
10 x Warriors (130)
10 x Warriors (130)


5x Scarab Swarms (75)

1x Defence Line/Quad Gun (100)

Points 1750