So this is a massively well past due project that I started back in 2011! And it is for a friend of mine that wanted it built back when we were planning on playing NAP Historicals with the Black Powder ruleset when it first came out.

So, with me moving out of the country soon I figure I probably should finish them up! What better time than now I guess! With me being home this whole week on holidays.. may as well paint some of them up!

Only problem I have with them is that they are tiny, of poor quality, and the plastics do not like to hold paint too well. Really not the best combination. But they were super cheap! I think a pack of 50 costs something close to 5 gbp with shipping..

Anyways, look for a ton of posts concerning these guys this week. Not sure they will be super interesting, but they will be a lot of updates throughout the week!

The first real set that was created and finished. The bases are 15mm per model, but usually 4 on a 30mm square, or 2 on a 30x15mm base. Will see how it goes throughout the week, and how much I can complete!