Time to take a look inside the new cabinet to see what's lurking within... And look! It's the Incarnate Elemental of Fire! This is an astonishing model. Simple as that. It's dynamic, characterful and huge. Steve Whitehead take a bow because you have created what is by far my favourite Forge World model. It's one of those models that really does need the 'experienced modellers only' warning tag attached to it mind you, so if you're not a fan of spending a good couple of hours prepping a model then this one isn't for you. I would say, however, that this chap rewards patience handsomely. 

For some reason the photos on the FW site don't really do this justice. When I saw this in person at the FW Open Day I was totally blown away. Given this could be a proxy for loads of things - giant, greater daemon, etc. - I highly recommend considering this if you're looking for a large monster or army centrepiece. It's a whole sack of WOW!