So, Steve has delivered in fine form, with Gillam Harrow finally coming to life, along with his pets. Here he is, with his Hound, and a gun-skull:

When I sent him off to Steve, I suggested that he take inspiration from Darth Vader - after all, both are cybernetically-sustained juggernauts. The very classical black-cream-red colourscheme is very Inquisitorial indeed, and marks Harrow out as an uncompromising individual who doesn't hide his allegiances. There are four Inquisitorial symbols on Harrow's model alone!

Harrow is made from a wide variety of parts: His body is from the Chaos Khorne Exalted Hero; his head, backpack and arm are from one of the Servitors in the Techmarine Set. Harrow himself is one of my first Finecast miniatures, and the conversion wouldn't have been possible for me without him being in that medium. His shoulderpads are from Space Marine Terminators; his belt buckle is from the Company Champion of the Space Marine Command Squad. His chainsword is from the Space Wolves sets, though I did replace the pommel for a skull from a normal Space Marine chainsword. Oddly, the bit I can't place is the aquila necklace - I shaved the aquila from something, but I don't know what! 

One of Steve's favourite parts of the paintjob is the bionic arm. He says "he's got a brutal look to him so had to have some damage on him - my favourite piece is the chipped paint on his bionic arm, I was thinking he'd used is to block a chainblade at some point in the past." 

I absolutely love the pistons on the back of the hand, which help make it appear really brutal. It's a really nice  hand, hidden away on a servitor model that often doesn't get a second look.

The back of the Khorne Lord has a bunch of skulls - which were removed without too much fuss due to the model's finecast nature. Liquid GS was used to smooth the cloak; when used right, it's a godsend. The power pack has some really subtle OSL - I imagine that it helps power his armour and sustain the cybernetics that keep him alive.

In this picture, you can see the tabard (or demi-tabard, I'm told) - the cream colour of which helps to break up the rather oppressive blackness of Harrow's model. These were green-stuffed by PDH, and really help the model to look dynamic and interesting. The Inquisitorial rosette comes from a 54mm model, and the chain is from the plastic flagellants - a kit that has a lot of applications for any INQ28 modeller.

The Servo-Skull comes from the Forgeworld Titan Tech-Priest. I imagine that it's a high-calibre stubber of some kind. Harrow, in some ways, is much like the famed Inquisitor Tyrus - a lumbering beast with little ranged ability of his own. The gun-skull helps to add a different threat to him.

Harrow himself might be slow, but his Hound is not. I imagine him letting the beast loose to hunt down his enemies, allowing himself time to close. I wanted the beast to have an Inquisitorial symbol as a dog-tag of sorts, identifying his master to his opponents and differentiating him from other cyber-mastiffs.

The collar was again created by PDH from a strip of thin styrene. The Inquisitorial symbol comes from a Grey Knight shoulderpad, and was attached by Steve. The cyber-mastiff itself is of course from the Forgeworld Imperial Enforcer

It's a deliciously twisted creature - a huge slab of (vat-grown?) muscle perfect as a hunting beast, easily capable of bringing a man down. Steve painted it, at my request, based on a dachshund, as my fiancée has one. This hound is far nastier, though!

As a unit of three, they make rather an imposing sight. However, Harrow as many other agents at his disposal, and these should see the field together at the 2013 INQvitational, now just over two weeks away!