Ever want to build a display board for your army, but didn't know where to start?

Come join Jawaballs for a two hour seminar this month on building a custom display board for your army!

This is your chance to learn from an expert how to build a great looking customized display board for your favorite army. Bring your own decorative bits, or use ones provided by Spikey Bits and learn the techniques Jawaballs uses to create his own award winning displays.

The Jawaballs Way: A seminar on custom display boards

What you'll need:

Bring your army, and any wreckage or terrain pieces you would like to incorporate into your display. Jawaballs will then help you come up with a winning design, taking into consideration elements such as form color and space to and then help you put it all together!

FTW Games will provide the board, paints, flocking materials and glues. Rob will also make available as much bits as he can including building pieces from Cities of Death. (And any thing else he can find.)

Through the two hour course you will build your board, and leave with a fully functional display!

Also during the seminar you will have access to exclusive Jawaballs painting techniques and advice including hand painting on your tanks. After all, watching glue dry is no fun!

What works best for display pieces?

Old 40k tanks for wreckage. However, lots of "dead" miniatures does not.
Old scifi toys.
Kids castle toys
Gothic church model buildings
Aquarium terrain! Go to your local pet store and see what you can find. You will be shocked.
Want lights? Hallmark "Dicken's Village" and other similar pieces are great. You can even easily get sound and motion if you wish.
Hallmark and Lemax also make other great things like twisted trees, graves and Spookey buildings.

So hit up tag sales and eBay and find lots and lots of cool looking pieces and we can make them work in your display.

When and Where:

We'll be doing two Seminars during Spikey Con I (FTW Games Birthday Weekend) at 1PM and 3PM respectively. Saturday June 29th. This is happening on location at FTW Games, the Home of Spikey Bits.  For a complete listing of events for that weekend, checkout the link here.

To sign up please call us (804) 464-1873 to get on the list for either time slots! Payment for the class is due the day of the event!

Price is 25.00 a seat for the two hour session. There will be two sessions. You will leave with a complete display board and invaluable knowledge. But also, you be able to get discounts on the new DVD series, The Jawaballs Way: How to Paint Wargame Miniatures and maybe even special discounts from FTW games on select merchandise.