Welcome to another installment of Quick Tips. I've finally settled on my favorite paint brush, the Blick Master Kolinsky Sable Short Handle Round, and I recently went to Dick Blick to buy a couple more. I was surprised that almost none of their brushes had the clear plastic tube on top to protect the bristles.

When I asked the lady that worked there, she said they always throw them out because no one wanted them and they were only needed for shipping. I was baffled. I carry my brushes around in a pencil box and I need to have the bristles protected. Not only that, I figure if I'm paying more than $15 a brush I should be the one to decide if I want the cover or not. I figured I would just pick up the covers online and promptly bought my brushes and left.

When I got home, I spent about an hour on Google doing searches for paint brush cover, paint brush protector, paint brush bristle protector, plastic tube, clear plastic tube, etc. Nothing. I was even more annoyed that I just couldn't find some kind of clear flexible tubing to use. I was stuck, but then my daughter walked in the room with a juice box and it hit me.

Kid's drinks (like juice boxes and little hugs) come with plastic straws that are the perfect size for most paint brushes (I prefer clear plastic so I know I'm not ruining my brush tip). Just cut the straw with a pair of scissors and voilà! Your bristles are safe.

I'm really curious to know if I'm the only one that keeps these on my brushes. What do you do? Drop a comment below.

Until next time,
–The Harrower