Well that could've gone better >.>; Hahaha. Today is one of those days where you just laugh at yourself, because you're a dumbass. I'm a firm believer that you don't have to be drunk to act drunk.

All in a day's work. Stuffed up true to form so no-one can ever question my Aussie blokeiness.

I bought the plaster, then got some cement as a customer review on the Hirst arts website recommended a 3:2 plaster: cement ratio. Long story short: The internet, and this may surprise some of you- is full of misinformation and recommendations to derp stuff up. Heh.
Just imagine this in plaster and you'll see my WIP

I followed the casting instructions as per the website ^^; the, uh...heavily battle damaged first run is setting in the sun, as Oz has no shortage of sun. We have tonnes of excess sun that must go by Sunday. See inside for special offers!!! :P I'll edit in pics when it's all set...too ashamed to show WIP (Wreck In Production) pics. All I'm gonna say is the veranda out the back...is a little bit messy. Don't quote me on that though >.>

On the plus side I now have +1 to Intelligence and 85 more exp. Learning stuff = leveling up.

I'm gonna not be a cheap-arse and now try and get some dental stone stuffs, as the people on Youtube seem to be having better luck with it. By better luck I mean making me look like I'm a 5yr old trying to finger-paint with plaster/cement mix. Heh.

At least there's 10ish weeks until the holidays so...plenty of time to learn how not to stuff stuff up.

Hopefully my attempts at resin casting/molding will go better (failed my "impulse buy" save (5+ on a D6) in the art store when I went to get the plaster.)

Until this arvo, when stuffs will be dried,


EDIT: I said pictures, and here they are ^^;

Authentic battle damage!!! Totally don't not suck at casting stuff at the moment! Double negatives aren't not bad grammar!