The Heldrake is one of the most despised model in all of the 40k universe and luckily I have two of them.
I am very proud of my Nurgle Heldrake. I was trying to challenge myself and actually learn how to use green stuff after avoided it like it was Papa Nurgle.

The Nurgle Heldrake took my countless hours to complete, after around ten I decided to stop counting to save what sanity I still had. I wanted this drake to be a giant death dealing symbol of Nurgle with pus, blood and flesh everywhere.

My second Heldrake was a lot more tame. I did no greenstuff work and just focused on a corroded Death Guard look. However I have to say that after finishing the second drake it gave me ideas that I went back to the first to fix. For instance the burning  throat and flamer was an after thought for the Nurgle Drake.

I love both these models for their visual look on the table and also for their extreme damage output. Now to contemplate using the Black Legion supplement, getting two more drakes so I can crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women. But that will be a list for a later day.