TJ here with my best work to date: The Minotaur Daemon Prince, or Bull-God or whatever you want to call him (I don't mean minotaur Space Marines BTW). This is a conversion and a paint job I am extremely proud of and I plan to run him on the table top for the long term! I have a ton of photos posted below, so please enter with caution, those of you with slow work computers! I only have the iPhone right now for my photography and I know it can make even the best model look awful, so I just took a bunch of photos under different lights and hoped for the best, but enough excuses, let's look at this big, nasty monster!

The idea here was to convert this old Ghorgon I had originally started to convert into Angron back in 2010 (or whenever the model came out). Anyway, the idea of doing the Primarch fell to the wayside and when I started the End of Days army (or Army of the Apoc or whatever I want to call it), I dusted this guy off, chiseled a ton of miliput power armor off of the original model and then got to work.

I wanted an angry, berserk monster. I wanted gene-enhanced flesh, machine and daemon all rolled into a living cannon ball. I wanted to take the pose to the next level and make it dynamic the way I did for the Flying Monkey Daemon Prince!

I used bits from the Helbrute and the Mauler Fiend because they were designed by the same hand and when they were brought together with this model, they make it look like it was meant to be this way.I also added the spine from the Talos because it fit like it was always meant for me to make this model. I then brought in the Necron bits and it was a wrap.

The backpack is two Helbrute arms together with a ball on it from one of the Necron vehicles.

I added plenty of sockets on the body using a method I learned from Dave Taylor, which really brought on the berserk theme and took it up a notch!

I then added the hoses from the Night Scythe kit to some of those socketed locations and they fit perfectly. I wanted it to look like they were trying to farm the perfect form for a Nephilim to possess, but when it did, it broke free, tearing out of it's bonds and breaking free from its gene-vat.

I based it using a ton of miliput, cork, metal washers (for weight) and a little sanctuary piece from an ancient GW terrain piece. I used some skulls I ordered years ago from a Russian Ebay seller whom I cannot remember, but the skulls are great and add scale to the monster.

I used Vallejo powders to add some extra color to the base. If you look closely at the armor, there are tons of little nicks and scratches that I added (or in the case of the Helbrute arms, exploited) to add a little something to the plates.

When you look through the photos, you will also see that I green stuffed a bunch of veins into the skin! Many of them have been glazed in pinks and purples.

I know this phot is terribly lit, but it screams "I am Batman ... Bullman!"

I have to add that this conversion (and many others) would not be possible without the Green Stuff Industries Tentacle Maker, which is what I used to make the boltgun colored tubes on the top of the back.

I really cannot wait to take this out to an event, though it may be a while before this model sees more than an RTT since I will be deploying soon. Even then, I hope to play as many folks as I can with this and my other recent conversions just to show off this model!

I don't have a lot more to say, but I do want to leave you with a ton more photos in different lights.

Angron can't touch the Bull-God!

As you can see (hopefully), the back is 'roided up, covered with veins and all of them have been glazed so you get the idea that you are seeing them through a layer of skin.

The spine and the tubes all run down into the top of the Jump pack, which is topped with another piece from the Helbrute.

The Power Armor Underpants (yes, that needs to be capitalized) are sculpted from Green Stuff along with much of the model!

I want to show you the breast plate, which comes from the Chaos War Shrine.

And the belt, which is made from a bunch of cut up Necron bits. The cod piece is another part from the Helbrute. I knew those Helbrutes would come in handy!

Another look at the irritated, nasty skin, sockets and veins!

More veins.

And zombie parts for a little snack. A growing monster has to eat!

I appreciate all the folks who rooted me on and challenged me to take this model farther along the way (looking at you Thomas!). You guys all really helped this model come to life.

Don't be distracted by the junk in the background ...

... or the paint and miniatures from the DFG archives! Go go Dreadclaw conversion!

I hope you have enjoyed this model and the metric ton of photos of the Minotaur!

I have to say that this has been about the most fun I have ever had painting and converting a model!

It was a lot of fun making this and I look forward to continuing this army and the theme!

If you like this model, please take a look at the rest of my Army of the Apoc posts and check out what I have been doing with this army and the conversions involved. You will find a true labor of evil love/

Thanks for checking out this model with me. Please let me know what you think! There are many more models to come for this army, so keep your eyes peeled for more!