Howdy folks!

So its been a little bit in the making, but the Imperial Vulture is complete! The client had two specific requests; A) it needed to be armed with the twin-linked Punisher Cannons, and B) It had to be named 'Misty', after what the Punisher Cannons did to enemies! Granted, they're only 24" range, no AP, and BS3, but boy-howdy will this thing eat Tyranids, Guard, Orks, and Cultists for breakfast! Lets break her down, shall we?

The white base and decals makes this guy a pain in the butt to photograph by itself! I opted for a neutral grey color, complimented by the occasional red stripe or marking, and some waterslides to add flavor.

The '21' is from the FW Valkyrie Transfer sheet, and the 'Mortis' is from the IG Transfer sheet that comes from GW. 

Fun story: with the name 'Misty', I was going to opt for Pokemon-themed iconography; pin-ups, names for the Punisher Cannons, the like. I wasn't able to go with it for fear of messing something up, so this is the only homage on the piece. Misty's Starmie is level 21 when you fight her in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow! Whose school? Old school!

The engines were hit with heavy weathering to simulate constant service work on the battlefield. Navy vehicles often get inducted into regiments of Imperial Guard, who wouldn't have the time to make her sparkle.

I opted for a non-intricate base, just something simple. The glowing piece is from the Leman Russ kit, which I wanted to make look like, despite being destroyed, there was still plasma in the containment areas. 

"Cadian Baneblade 'Ol' Ironsides' moves into position under Navy support during Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade."

I love working on Forge World, nearly every commission and piece I've done of their pieces is a real treat. I'd love to do a Blight Drone or Blood Slaughterer someday! 

Alrighty! This week is looking a lot like cavalry-heavy Khador, though I may try to start on some other projects I've had sitting around. Finishing those Warp Talons a couple weeks ago really wants to make me rock out my Heldrake, but we'll see how time plays out!