TJ here with something different ... but along the lines of the same stuff I have been doing for the last year and that is The Army of the Apocalypse! So, a tourney reared its ugly head this Sunday and after much discussion with my Necron soulmate, Chris Vinton, I decided I needed more scythes (perhaps it was his subtle use of mindshackle scarabs, but I really needed them, so I unpacked the boxes and got to work. These wouldn't be normal scythes though. No! These have special cargo and thus must be special themselves! So let's take a look at the first installment of what I did.

First I took these balls. These small, foam balls and I stuffed them ...

... into these holes! Now these holes were huge, so I stuffed them two at a time, until the space was completely full, but not over flowing. I then capped the top of the cockpit area with a thin layer of Miliput.

I then took some choice bits and these balls (the wooden ones above) and got to work.

I then stuffed the ball and the bits into the miliput at roughly where I wanted them to be. The idea is that the Nephilim (or the hungry creatures that seem to make up the tumult of the warp, often described as Lampreys or parasites) have latched themselves onto the scythes while tucked into pocket dimensions and grown ito the scythe (this will make more sense when you see the crew). If this is shocking to you, please check out the previous Army of the Apocalypse posts to see how I blend Daemon and Necron in other variations (trust me, it's cool, man).

So anyway, once you have jammed that miliput on, you end up with a ton of fingerprints.

This is where the soft tool comes in.

It is rubber and with a little water, you can use it to shape the miliput roughly to where it needs to be.

This will save you time and green stuff later.

Also, this is an easy way to make a plain scythe with a seamless, closed cockpit.

Here is a shot of the spiky possessed Night Scythe with its green stuff.

And the second one! When I reveal the passengers, this will all make more sense, but for now, you are stuck with this and whatever I have typed on an early Saturday morning with two Steel Reserves in me!

All ball jokes and aside, I look forward to revealing more of this project to you over the next two to three days and also painting these extra freaky scythes. As always, let me know what you think.