Hi All

Welcome to part 4 of my Ork Mega Dread walk through, this will show the finish to the paintjob and the basing.

So here's piccies;

With the white plates, checks and teef base-coated;

Next are the saw tooth patterns which are the motif for Waaghh! Bluddtoof and wash the white bits I want to look dirty.Then I paint all the remaining gubbinz in a clean silver to represent the few new bitz most recently added and not yet covered in dirt, blood or other indeterminate greenskin fluids!

The final step is to paint the chipped paint effect, this is the technique I adopted nearly 15 years ago when I started my Space Ork army and though I could produce a better weathering effect now I'm loath to change the look of this army and I certainly have no intention of going back over the 10k points worth of models already painted to standardise to a new look! So I'm sticking with it. Future projects will see newer and better techniques.
The model with all bar the base done;

And finally with the base complete;

That's it finished, I hope you enjoyed it, I certainly did! It's a fantastic model, one of FW's best I think. Really looking forward to seeing it on the table as part of my Dredd Mob.
Stay tuned all through December for more Dreads from the Code 40k, my next post will be my long awaited Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought for my Thunderbolts Space Marines.