So another super successful RTT was held at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn VA.  18 folks showed up for the final RTT of the year. James ( the Head TO ) was in rare form and brought tons of his own terrain consisting of the newest GW fortifications!!!  More importantly he brought colossal donuts again for all RTT goers!  READ THIS PLEASE: HE PAYS FOR THEM WITH HIS OWN MONEY AND PLAYERS NEED TO THANK HIM.  As a TO he not only prints out all missions on his own dime, but also brings food, is a great TO, and gives up his Sunday to run a great tournament every month!!

We had a great crowd of people this week.  Lots of different armies and some new faces as well.  We even had a player from almost 300 miles away on business play at the tourney!!!  So out of 9 tables we had the "ringer" table that was awesome and most if not everyone wanted to play on it ( says something about what people want). It had more terrain than 4 tables combined and nicknamed the " Devil's Pass".  I got to play on the table 1st round with my Nidz against a GT winning player.  I had a great time and the Terrain made such a huge difference Vs any other game I played which was pretty much shooting galleries for almost every Meta army.

The "devil's pass" table

We had Pizza and Huzzah furnished 2 drinks tickets per person for lunch.  Chris from Huzzah also brought in a huge veggie and wrap tray for 40k players to enjoy some actually nutritious food. Not bad for $15 entry fee.

Chip from Torrent of Fire was also on hand and played in the RTT.  Nice having a local that runs a scoring program like TOF on hand. Thanks Chip!!!

I was the ringer in the event and managed 1 win and 2 losses.  Not bad for a fluffy nid list ( no spam, no flyrants, but I did have the DOOM).  I can't believe how much strength 7 is out there now. Almost none of my T6 wounds really mattered.  I also can't roll a +3 up save to save my life.  LOL

Eric H won the RTT with I believe Eldar something something. We had 6 gift certificates for prize support ranging from $60-$15. Even the last place player got some credit to spend at the store!!!

* note: we did not allow stronghold or escalation in the RTT and only 1 formation.  Next RTT will allow stronghold, but no D weapons or the group fortifications thingy.

Next RTT is 1/19/2014, 1850 points, Adepeticon style terrain placement, stronghold approved for now.   More info to follow if the new NID dex will be permitted.