Hello 40k fans. I have been sitting on a project for some time now that was a gigantic waste of money. However it will also be a gigantic pustule of awesomeness once finished.
I wanted to make a third Heldrake and show off a progression of machine to monster. I have one Heldrake that is the normal kit, the second is highly modified with greenstuff and I wanted the third to be almost completely organic. You can see my two finished Heldrakes in earlier posts. Papa Nurgle works in mysterious ways and also Heldrakes are amazing.

I bought the Tervigon kit and the Heldrake kit to work as the base for the model. The wings I believe are the dragon wings bits you can get from GW online. I haven't had the drive to complete this model and with all my other projects going on so it has just been sitting in my room. Like most long time wargamers I have a backlog of models worth its weight in gold.

I still have a lot of work to do to complete this Heldrake. Right now this is just the bare minimal to play him on the table and resemble what it is suppose to be. I am going to have hours of greenstuff sculpting ahead of me to get it to my vision. I think it is going to come out deliciously disgusting. I am setting the end of February as my due date to finish this guy off completely. One reason why I haven't been eager to finish it is because I don't need it in my list. My current Chaos list is complete and I love it. Though having options for an ever changing meta is always good and as ever CSM player knows, you can never have too many Heldrakes.

Alright everyone let me know what you think, drop me a comment about my conversion or a story about how much you hate Heldrakes.