My original blog was called Redemptors of Golinar, referencing my unique Imperial Guard army I had created. Going full circle in a way, these very same infantry models have been drafted into service as proxies to play test Broken Contract.
I've been a really busy guy the last several days. After the last play testing session for Broken Contract I sifted through the entire document again to do more editing and tweaks to various rules and refined how grenades work, which wasn't really fleshed out in the rules. I uploaded all of the updated files today for my Alpha Play Testers and then immediately sat down and updated the list of available skills from 5 to about a dozen or so. Its a large enough list that all 16 Characters have a Skill. I also roughed out rules for people to create their own Characters, which will eventually become "downloadable content" for the game and the basic Stat line for Dogs, and what their Actions and Interruptions will be. I figure when I get to developing Broken Contract - Enforcers or Broken Contract - Steaders this will be a cool thing to add in. My brain is always thinking ahead and I maintain a file of ideas for the future.

I also watched a bunch of videos about iron mining and read a couple glossaries of mining terms so I can improve my terminology and refine my vision of the mines the would-be Breakers work in; and will need to escape to make their Break. I actually really enjoy doing this sort of research, its fascinating to find out how things are done that we take for granted.

On Friday Scott Kroll, the gentleman who originally started 2ndCityWarzone, gave me admin capabilities. I know it might be surprising to find  out considering there hasn't been any activity from my fellow authors, but there are actually 8 authors and admins for 2ndCityWarzone. Scott doesn't do much wargaming these days, and has put his time into drawing comics and the other guys all moved on to their own blogs, gaming companies, and clubs that they've immersed themselves in and left 2ndCityWarzone behind. With my admin status I decided to add a couple of things I've wanted to for a while: a small blog roll, expanded ways to follow the blog, and added a direct link to my old blog Redemptors of Golinar. I left that blog behind when I focused on  2ndCityWarzone, but it still has some cool pictures to look at and a Step By Step of how to paint an Angels of Absolution Space Marine among other things.

Also, I reserved because a time is going to come when Broken Contract is going to need its own home as it evolves into more than just an idea and people who are interested in it might not be so engaged in watching me expand my Ork army or whatever. More on that as time goes on. I need a cool logo and a "vision" for that blog before I start filling it with content. Plus, as of  right now anyone who's following Broken Contract is looking here, but the time is nearing that it'll need its own space.

I think next we will look at the Stat line so people can get a better idea of how the game works. More on that in a few days.