1:48 or 28 mm, that is the question.

But of course one is a scale and the other is a size. 28 mm is usually described as 1:56 scale but.....

For reasons that are too trivial to discuss most of my late war models are 1:48 plastic or 1:50 diecast whereas my friend Shaun uses 28 ml.

On the right we have a 1:48 plastic Tamiya STUG III from my collection and a Bolt Action resin STUG from my friend Shaun's collection.

They are not the same size but the difference is small.

On the right a Marder built on a Pz 38(t) chassis and on the left a Pz 38(T) from the same manufacturers as above.

The figures in the 1:48 Marder are 28 mm Bolt Action.

But have a butchers at these three, all 28 mm Bolt Action models and all on the same T34 chassis.

On the left a resin T34/76, then a resin SU 122M, and finally a plastic T34/85.

They are not the same size.

Moral of the story? Don't get hung up on scale. There is almost as much variation between ranges from the same company as between the two scale extremes for 28 mm wargaming. It is a good idea to use the same range for the same vehicle but otherwise it's not much of an issue.