Hello everyone

I am posting today to shamelessly advertise my ebay listings to all of you :)

I have decided to sell some stuff I have laying around to make some cash and space to get myself one of these cool new Knight Titans everyone is talking about!

First thing I am selling is an old conversion I did a little while ago, part of a commission that never completed.

A heavily converted ethereal Undead Knight that would look great as an addition to any Vampire Counts army. You can see some WIP pictures below, most of the model is sculpted out of greenstuff and Miliput.

The model is rated and I would love to see some of your votes on CoolMiniOrNot.

 photo IMG_1519.jpg photo IMG_1518.jpg photo IMG_1517.jpg photo IMG_1516.jpg photo IMG_1515.jpg photo IMG_1459.jpg photo IMG_1458.jpg photo IMG_1457.jpg photo IMG_1456.jpg photo IMG_1455.jpg
here is the link for the ebay auction, I would love to answer to any further questions you may have.

There are some other things I am also selling these days, lots of stuff for wargamers. Have a look if you like!