For better and for worse, Games Workshop doesn't make them like this anymore.

This afternoon I assembled the rat from the old Necromunda Caller model.  It's going to be a counts-as palanquin for my Plague Marine Lord, Verminreap the Green.

This rat is a wonderful model.  Despite being completely metal, he went together pretty well.  I am glad, however, I had some Liquid Green Stuff on hand to help secure the joins as the glue dried.

This is the only Necromunda model I've ever owned, but there are quite a few Gorkamorka odds and ends scattered across my ork army.  Those ranges were wonderfully characterful, though I am sure GW never sold too many of them.

If they ever released this rat in plastic on its own, at a price point of $25.00 or so, they'd fly off the shelves.

The same goes for a lot of the models from those old lines.  But maybe I am just a bit too nostalgic.

Kids these days, they want their Imperial Knights.  Not their Mordheim Witch Hunters or their Gorkamorka Diggas.