image via Focus Home Interactive

Oh, boy.

This announcement made its way to the wider world yesterday, and I am so hopeful.  I love Mordheim.  I'd play it all the time if I had the opportunity.

I am also a fan of Blood Bowl.  I have the analog board game version, as well as the very good PC-version of the game. (and the older computer game, somewhere.)

So when I read the announcement of the Mordheim PC game, my heart started to palpitate and my wallet started to twitter.

And then I began to worry.

A Mordheim game would be the perfect place for micro-purchase marketing strategies.  Have a guy without a decent weapon?  Use your warband's gold piece stockpile to buy one (just like the tabletop game!).  If you're plum out of gold pieces, why not use some real money?  A couple of bucks for a good two-hander.

Lack the patience to earn those levels through hard work and experience?  Credit card your way to dominance.

Need a Hired Sword for your next adventure?  Skip a meal and make a purchase.  The best equipment could be in-game priced in such a way to make game-play-based purchases infeasible, impractical, or impossible.  The searching algorithms could be rigged to encourage micro-purchases.

I wouldn't buy a game based on this model.  I want to buy my games whole.

But if Mordheim were moved to the computer, faithfully, like the Blood Bowl game, this could be a wondrous thing, indeed.

Why am I so worried that I'll be disappointed?