Helmets are a good way of modelling your forces to fit a common theme. Plague marines (and associate humans) are ideal candidates for heads with fleshy build-ups, mutations and corrosion. More industrious armies like the Iron Warriors or Imperial Fists might wish for helmets with a more utilitarian style.

And Thousand Sons are great models to stick a fancy cap on. Today, I’m looking at a pack of heads from Maxmini: a pack of Steel Crow Tribe helmets . This set (a pack of ten with five designs) is ideal for “human sized” 28mm models, such as Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar.

As mentioned, you get five different designs in the set, all with a certain “masked ball” style to them. they feel like that they would work well in any sort of carnival/masquerade ball setting, and for armies which might indeed contain royalty and nobility. Here's a few close-ups

The designs are flamboyant, so would fit in any army that you possess which has a certain “fancy” look. They make great heads for elite guards, decadent cultists, and even the sadistic Dark Eldar, where they fit in surprisingly well. They are also a possibility for pre-heresy forces like the Emperors Children, should you be running any human allies.

In terms of quality, as usual with Maxmini, there are no real faults. A few mould-lines here and there, but no cast slips, and no air bubbles in the resin.

The heads are the ideal scale for human models. Here’s I’ve attached them to some Dark Vengeance cultists with Autoguns. The models will require some green-stuff work to repair the hoods, but the heads went on well. The models weren’t designed for new heads, but models with separate heads should cause no bother.
The only real issue I have is that the necks are quite long on them. It is an easy task to trim them down, but be careful: resin can shatter if you cut with too much force.

Overall, they are a nice set of helmets. Keep in mind that they may not work for all styles of army. If you happen to run a very image-conscious army, then these helmets are perfect for adding a bit of flare to your foot-soldiers.