The Nerdvana team are preparing for their first event, which is will be on Saturday 26th April.

The event, help at St. Peter's Civic Hall, Camarthen, promises plenty to do, whether you prefer card games, table-top or video games. Local traders and crafters will be setting up shop at the event.

Helen Logan, the chief organiser at the event, said: "Events include costumes contest, NERF dueling and various games throughout the day. There will also be a vendors area open throughout the day which will be packed with local businesses selling handmade and commercial items."

"We're hoping that this will bring together a lot of people who are interested in the same things (anime, film, tv, gaming, steampunk etc.) as there isn't really anything like that in this area apart from Cardiff comic con. It should be a day of fun and a good opportunity to meet new people."

As well as stalls and games, two costume contests will be held. First up is a cosplay contest, followed by a steampunk one. If you decide to go as a steampunk Dalek, well you'll just have to choose one.

Doors open at 10am. Tickets cost £5, and can be bought from the event website. If you have further question, the team can be contacted here, or on Facebook.