Yes!  Finished!  The Minx Studio Minotaur ready to go.

Things you have not seen along the way were the chain, which was painted separately, and the marble on the plinth.  That particular kind of plinth is my favorite from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

I had to be very careful with the marble colors.  Too much of a contrast, or too busy, and it begins to overpower the figure!  So, I went with a series of muted greens... mostly the same colors I used on the rocks.

I knew that the marble pattern could flow with the rocks, so I was not worried about that.  It was far more preferable than a simple black or brown color!

I also thought that the marble veins would reflect the action of the swinging chain.

Not long now before the kickstarter goes live!!!!!!!!

He is also on CoolMiniOrNot here: